ffynnon-wellFfynnon Ministries.

We aim to bless the lives of those facing emotional or financial challenges by offering them a break in our home in the beautiful surroundings of the South Wales Valleys.

Come and stay with us.

Need a break? Why not come and stay with us. We offer mid week or weekend breaks all year round. 

We do not make a formal charge as we don’t want to prevent anyone being able to come, however for those who are able, we would welcome a voluntary contribution towards the cost of your stay. 

We can accommodate families, couples and singles but at present do not have room for large groups. We have 2 guest bedrooms, each sleeping up to 3 people. 

 We offer Bed and Breakfast or Full Board. 

How does it work? 

Sometimes guests would like to make a donation but are unsure of how much to give. We have therefore put together an approximate amount. However, we find that some give more and some are not able to do this. If you have difficulty coming along without giving why not ask your local church or organisation to take a love offering. This is quite common practice amongst people we know. 

 Suggested donations per night:-

B&B £20 per adult. £10 per child (under 15). 

Full Board £25 per adult. £15 per child (under 15).

Every contribution you make helps us to provide for those who are unable to afford a holiday. 

Alternatively…..For Families on low income 

We would also be delighted to receive referrals from churches or organisations who know of individuals, couples or families who would not normally be able to have a holiday for financial reasons. We suggest bookings are made well in advance for these sorts of breaks. We understand that even having a holiday can be an expensive business for a family, and will do our utmost, with the support of our wonderful church family, to make their stay free from any additional expense. Full board is offered to these families. Transport can be arranged from our local train station and arrangements can be made for outings.

Churches or organisations may wish to support such guests by making a contribution on their behalf and/or by providing them with spending money while they are here.

And Finally……..Day Conferences. 

This year Ffynnon has hosted a number of conference days which we very much enjoyed, therefore we are making this facility available to all. 

Should you wish to use us for your day conference please contact us for details. 


Please contact us on


01685 842072


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