Someone has said that our suggested voluntary donations details are difficult to find. They can be found on out ABOUT page, but here they are again for further clarity.

Other organisations similar to ours find that giving a suggested amount helps guests to feel less awkward about how much to donate. It is by no means intended to be a charge. Of course if you have really enjoyed your stay, you may feel you want to give over and above the suggestion. Everything you donate goes towards helping other families who are less fortunate.

Come and stay with us.

 We can accommodate families, couples and singles but at present do not have room for large groups. We have 2 guest bedrooms, each sleeping up to 3 people.

Suggested donations per night:-

B&B £20 per adult. £10 per child (under 15).

Full Board £25 per adult. £15 per child (under 15).


Every contribution you make helps us to provide for those who are unable to afford a holiday. 


Please contact us on

01685 842072

or check out the online calendar for availability





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