Creation holds its breath…..

img_20160830_200540The picture of Heaven holding its breath  has come to me twice this week. The first reference was, on reading  how when Christ  was about to be crucified, all  of Heaven was bursting to celebrate the victory that only they knew was about to happen. The  second reference was  written in a line  of a beautiful poem we were given recently-a poem that speaks of faith in the most dreadfully black moments.

I love that even in the darkest times those who trust in the Lord reach out and find comfort. This poem was written by Rev. Gareth Hill the son in law of the methodist minister Irving Penberthy  who served in Aberfan during the terrible disaster that overtook that whole community.


God who knows our darkest moments,

Meets us in our brokeness.

Walks beside us as a whisper,

Holds our pain in His carress.

God who leads through shadowed valleys,

Where death’s  bleakness  dims our sight,

Speaks a  peace beyond all knowing,

Floods  our anguish  with His light.


Far beyond our grief’s  horizons,

As  Creation holds its breath,

Love  divine revealed in Jesus

Tears  apart the chains of death.

Servant Son and humble healer,

By  your cross and life laid down,

You have carried all our suffering,

And you wear the Victor’s  crown.


Lift us up now  risen  Saviour,

To the place where mercy plays,

Where our broken hopes and heartaches

Finds their healing in your gaze.

This is love-that God has saved us,

This is love-that Christ has died.

We rejoice that love has conquered,

And has drawn us to  Your side.












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